Super Effective Shoulder Workout Using Only Resistance Bands

Now hopefully it hasn’t been a while since you’ve last hit shoulders, but when was the last time you hit them extensively? It’s easy to throw in simple shoulder exercises such as overhead press and lateral raises but can you truly say that you hit EVERY single part? If the answer to that is no but you still dream of acquiring boulder shoulders you’re going to need to revamp your routine from the ground up to hit any parts you have been neglecting. Now we know nowadays it might be hard to get all the equipment you might want or you’re still apprehensive about going to commercial gyms, but what if we said that you can get a great workout in and all you would need is one piece of equipment? Join Chris Heria as he does a Super Effective Shoulder Workout Using Only Resistance bands. With such a lightweight piece of equipment you can take with you anywhere, you too can get a solid shoulder workout anywhere you wish, even in the comfort of your own home! 

This workout is designed to hit all three heads of the shoulder, starting with the often most neglected rear delt. In aiming to hit the entirety of the shoulder, this workout was made in mind to not only help you develop massive shoulders, but also help cover any weak areas and possibly correct slight imbalances you have. Now it probably goes without saying, but what you get out of this workout is also dependent on the level of resistance band you have access to, as some may simply need a small resistance band to already achieve a moderate level of stress.  Others on the other hand might need a little more thickness to achieve the load necessary so it’s important to keep that in mind. Now if you’re simply lacking any or would like more options to choose from, what better place to buy your own than

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