7 Minute BUTT & LEGS Home Workout | NO EQUIPMENT


Everyone wants a good butt. Don’t lie- you know you do too. Outside of what you want in others, you know for a fact that you want a good behind for yourself and the question on your mind is probably: “what is it going to take to get one?” Now if you’re self conscious about looking weird focusing on simply the glute area, or you’ve found that you have to spend a lot more time at home, or both then you’re in luck! Follow along with Casi Davis as she shows you a 7 Minute BUTT & LEGS Home Workout. Do this workout for increasing strength AND muscle in both your glutes and legs without the need for weights and equipment. 

If you already didn’t know, your glutes are made of 3 muscles- gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus, all working together to help in extension, internal rotation, and abduction of your hips. In strengthening these muscles, you can achieve plenty of carryover to improve your posture, help prevent injuries to your lower back, and aid in other forms of athletics. Increased glute strength can greatly help in activities such as jumping and running- essentials to practically any and all sports. Follow along in this HIIT workout that focuses primarily on your glutes and legs so you too can achieve these benefits! 


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