Superhuman Full Body Workout For All Levels

Jose Lardizabal
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Now if you’ve been working out for a while, you’ve probably achieved a decent amount of strength, but can you say you achieved superhuman levels? If you’re a beginner, are you aiming as high as you should? They say your reach should exceed your grasp, so it goes without saying instead of simply aiming to be stronger, aim to become SUPERHUMAN. But to achieve this level of strength - as you probably already guessed- is no easy task. Beyond simply building up the strength that you already have, it is crucial to also build the prerequisite skills necessary that will eventually lead you to excel into a level that you once could only imagine! Join Chris Heria as he does a Superhuman Full Body Workout (for Any Level). Follow along to learn how to workout advanced skills from the beginning to truly achieve superhuman strength. 

With exercises such as handstand pushups or one-armed pull-ups, your body from the outset probably doesn’t have the prerequisite strength to simply execute them- nor do you probably have the inherent muscle memory to just bang a couple out- but with today’s workout the foundation can be laid out for you to do so. Throughout this workout there are three different levels presented, from Advanced, Intermediate, and Beginner- all to help cover whatever strength level best suits you. Each level is a reduced progression from the last, so as you do this workout week in and week out you can eventually progress into a more demanding form. For most if not all of these complex exercises there are also videos that have further progressions to help you achieve what you strive for, found on and if you haven’t already, download the Thenx App, available for both Apple [ ] and Android [ ] where you can find even more workouts to help YOU achieve superhuman strength.


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