How To One Arm Pull Up | Step by Step

Tired of same old regular pull-ups? Are you getting to the point where they’re more of a chore than an exercise? Then how about making them TWICE as hard? Besides adding on weight, another thing you can do is simply just use one arm and not two. Of course adding weight is probably the easier route, one-armed pull-ups definitely require more of a foundation to be able to execute them properly. Watch as Chris Heria reveals the best step by step progressions for How To One Arm Pull-Up. Learn from the very beginning to build your strength AND skills to finally achieve the one arm pull-up. 

As we’ve stated, one cannot simply just start doing pull-ups with one arm as doing so might probably be dangerous for your joints. While a huge consideration is the technical aspect required, what’s more important is to get your body used to the stresses that such an exercise entails. That is why today’s video is structured to bring to you the crucial progressions necessary to eventually achieve the one armed pull-up. Now if these progressions themselves are challenging, fret not as others are also shown that will assist you to build the necessary foundation. What’s important is not to rush things as doing so can set you back even further. Take your time and build up the necessary strength and before you know it you’re on your way! 


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