Build Superhuman Shoulder Strength For Full Planche

One of the most impressive calisthenics techniques is the full planche. Without a doubt, nothing seems more impossible than seeing a well trained athlete seemingly defy gravity and hold their entire body parallel to the ground. If you’ve been following Thenx AND Chris Heria for a while now, you’ll know that on his vlog channel is a video detailing every step necessary to achieve the full planche for yourself step by step. Now if that seemed a little advanced, this week’s video is perfect for you. Follow along with Chris Heria to Build Superhuman Shoulder Strength For Full Planche. Learn how to do such a challenging movement from the core foundation. 

While Chris Heria’s video on How To Full Planche | 10 Steps ( shows the progressions necessary, before that it is also crucial to build up the necessary prerequisite strength. In building up this important foundation, you will find yourself mastering each progression for the full planche faster than before. With exercises with a lower barrier of entry, you can gain not only strength, but also the confidence to attempt working towards such a big goal. While you may be starting from zero, everybody always starts somewhere, so why not achieve executing a full planche with perfect form in the shortest time possible? 


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