Complete 15 Min Full Body Workout | Dumbbells Only

Pressed for time? You’re probably in the search for a workout routine that can fit your hectic schedule. Now we’ve all been there- you’ve managed to put off working out long enough that you don’t know which muscle group to target. You only have a limited time in the gym so you may worry which area needs tending to, but also don’t want to leave anything out. Why not multitask and hit all groups at once? Follow along with Chris Heria as he shows you a Complete 15 Min Full Body Workout. Get a super effective workout in that hits every muscle in your body using various exercises, all simply with a pair of dumbbells.

When you’re at the gym, there’s plenty to distract you from finishing your workout. From waiting for the right piece of equipment to chatting with the regulars, you may not get through as much as you’d have planned. The same holds true at home, where constant distractions may still slow you down. We know you’re busy people so we’ve trimmed all the fat to help you efficiently pack in a full body routine with just 15 minutes. Now if you’re ready to trim your fat AND build strength pull up your Thenx App (Available for both IPHONE: and ANDROID:, open up to the YouTube Workout section and you should be able to find this very routine and follow along! 


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  • charlienn hobson

    hi Chris my name is charlienn but my friends call me char char im 13 years old and I live in Portland Oregonand Ia’m in 8th grade i have watched all most all of your videos and listen to all of your sound clouds and even on youtube your son is sooo cute can you do gymnastics because I can well some and i’m looking forwerd to seeing you in the future thank you so muchfor in spiering me and my comunity

  • Mariela

    Can you believe..I’m 66 years old😂 and I’m following you. So crazy and feeling good
    Thank you so much.

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