Zen Heria Birthday Workout (8 Years Old)

They say age is just a number but in this case, it’s also the number of workouts to do. Join Zen Heria as he shows you his birthday full-body workout. As he turns eight years old he’ll walk you through EIGHT different workouts EIGHT reps each. The goal is by the end, this workout will work through every muscle group in your body, hitting all the essentials. While Zen is usually seen on screen with his father, today’s the first day he walks you through all by himself so buckle up!

Each exercise shown is a specific workout Zen has been practicing so join in! Not only are the basic core muscle groups targeted, but majority of these movements are excellent progressions to more complex and harder workouts to do later on. If you want to spice up today’s workout for yourself be sure to get yourself a Heria Weight Vest to give yourself your own present, found on https://chrisheria.com/collections/equipment.


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