The Secret To Doing More Reps

Jose Lardizabal
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It’s been a while being cooped up in your home and while gyms are open maybe some of you may still want to play it safe. We get you, and today’s video is perfect as- like with many- you can do it within the comfort of your own home. Now it’s already been a while so you’ve probably gotten a chance to get used to things. You probably already have a set repertoire and already have a rhythm on how you do things. But are you progressing? Are you making sure that you’re not just stagnating at a comfortable level? Well fear not because Zay Tiggs has the answer to increase your volume. Join Zay as he shows you The Secret to Doing More Reps. 

Some may have the preconceived notion that in doing high weight and low reps, this translates in being able to do a high amount of reps in a lower weight. While this may be true to an effect, overall the best way to ensure that you have the endurance to be able to maintain a high rep count is by focusing on doing volume from time to time. The key lies in the difference between fast-twitch and slow-twitch muscle fibers. The former assists in quick and powerful movements (i.e. things such as sprinting and weightlifting) while the latter deals more with endurance (i.e. like marathon running). Focusing on doing high weight but low reps may increase your overall strength but may lead you to gassing yourself out if you attempt to do more than a small amount at a time. That is why the most efficient way to increase your rep count is to unite the two and train both. Today’s video aims to do just that by implementing a dropset workout!


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