Father's Day Workout FT. Zen Heria | 2020

Another year, another Father’s Day in the books. Despite the year that it’s been, hopefully everyone can celebrate Father’s Day in their own special way. Join us as we celebrate THENX STYLE- the only way we know how. Follow along with BOTH Zen and Chris Heria as they do a Full Body Father’s Day Workout. Watch as they show you how to build strength and size with just your bodyweight(s) with no weights needed. This year is a little different since you’re gonna be put through the wringer of Zen’s own design.

While working out at home already has its own perks, sometimes working out with a partner can help take things even further beyond. Not only can having a partner to hold you accountable help you meet the goals you set out for yourself, but having someone else also opens up exercises you can’t do alone. Today’s workout incorporates partner based movements to not only give a fun bonding routine but also bring enough engagement throughout your ENTIRE body. Working out with partner based movements can work both ways, as some exercises can be enhanced with additional resistance brought on by said partner or they can provide assistance for things you can’t do alone. Either way, both help you become stronger than you were before!


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