How To Gain Size And Build Muscle At The Same Time Without Weights

If you’ve tried to get your hands on exercise equipment, chances are you’ve got an uphill battle against you. Whether it be from the empty shelves of major stores or the insane price gouging going on in second-hand apps, acquiring an adequate gym setup at home will feel like a lost cause. Today’s video is set to prove that you have everything you need to adequately train your body RIGHT NOW. Join Chris Heria as he shows you How to Gain Size and Build Muscle at the Same Time Without Weights! Follow along to learn how to make the most out of your workout with these tried and true tips. 

While using weights is a great way to build muscle, you don’t have an excuse even if you have none to train with. There are many things you can do during and outside of training to ensure you build muscle that don’t require a single weight including:

-Increase overload

-Implement more eccentric movements

-Add explosive or plyometric exercises

-Diet Diet Diet- protein + caloric surplus

-Undergo Hypertrophy

-Focus on each muscle

Explained in the video is how each of these subsequent tips plays a role, and within is a workout encapsulating AND putting to use techniques to use so open your Thenx App and follow along!

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