Super Effective Way To Get 6 Pack Abs

Sit-ups and Crunches. Without a doubt, at some point in your fitness journey did these two exercises become the most associated with helping you get a six pack. Whether it was long ago or even now, the thought of doing these two exercises were/are supposedly put you well on your way to building the six pack you desire. Although doing them poses a benefit to your abdominals by engaging them, they are simply not enough as they only address part of the story- mostly only your upper abdominals. In actuality, there is a whole slew of exercises that are way more beneficial, engaging not only the upper part of your abs, but also targeting areas such as your lower abdominals and obliques. 

Join Chris Heria as he shows you one of his favorite hanging ab workout routines, showcasing the benefits of working out your abdominals in such a position. When it comes to hanging ab workouts, there are plenty of pros that aren’t given by a simple sit-up or crunch. To start, from the hanging position, more of your core is engaged from the start as you’re forced to hold your body up. Compared to the lying position of the sit-up or crunch a well, more of your body’s weight ends up being put in motion so you end up gaining more strength as a result. On top of that, hanging causes you to swing more if you simply throw your weight around with no regard- therefore to properly execute the exercises given would require more slow and controlled movements, giving you more strength. To top it all off, hanging means improving your grip and strengthening other muscle connections such as your back, which helps you with your pull exercises later on. Thus, all of these benefits poses to not only allow you to look strong, but also BE strong. 

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