Why You Should Train Bodyweight

While it’s great and all to have a gym membership, one must remember that there are a multitude of benefits to working out simply with what we all ever start with- our own body. Before you say that training with bodyweight might not be challenging enough, one might counter simply with the idea that maybe you haven’t tried training correctly. Training with only your bodyweight will also make you more in tune with and engage every muscle in your body, which in turn helps improve your balance and flexibility. 

Join Arica Sky as she shows you why you should train bodyweight. In her experience, training bodyweight greatly engaged her core, utilizing muscles that wouldn’t have been factored in otherwise. Training with just your body’s weight also has the added benefit that you can train anywhere, be it in the gym, your home, or even outdoors so no excuses can be made at all! While challenging, today’s workout doesn’t require a high fitness level to complete, so strap in and follow along. 

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