Simple Exercise So Many Can't Do

Out of the multitude of calisthenics moves, many are simple movements that just require considerable strength and control to do without trouble or cheating. The Toes to Bar is one of these types of movements, calling for and aiding in developing INSANE core strength. Mastering such a movement has immense carryover to other workouts, as having considerable core strength helps moves such as the pullover, front lever, back lever, and many more! Watch as Chris Heria shows you a Simple Exercise So Many Can’t Do, with all the progressions necessary that lead up to doing it. 

Those who usually have trouble doing the Toes to Bar lack the proper abdominal, hip flexor, and lat strength and if locking out is the issue then hamstring flexibility might also be something that needs work. WIth today’s workout, you’re gonna have to go through 7 exercises- all in the hanging position. So follow along with the Thenx App (found in the App Store for both Apple: and Android: and follow along. If doing the workout in its entirety is still too much, you can always work them individually and find the exact level of progression you’re currently at, building upwards from there. The main goal is to be able to do the reps as perfect as possible- with no swinging or use of momentum.


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