Replace Gym Workout With This Full Body Home Workout

Jose Lardizabal

 So it finally happened, no gyms are open at this time. If you’re in the same boat as many, not able to go to the gym anywhere but are itching to get their workout fix, you’re in luck! Follow Chris Heria as he shows you how to replace working out at the gym with this FULL BODY at home workout. Convert all the exercises you normally do in the gym into an efficient and effective form at home where you probably don’t have much equipment to work with- capitalizing on your bodyweight alone.  While many might be apprehensive about working simply with bodyweight, there are actually many benefits that are provided beyond those of weights and machines. 

Some might actually find bodyweight exercises more challenging than what they usually do at the gym due to the nature of the compound movements required to with bodyweight routines. Usually, bodyweight exercises forgo simple isolation and thus require a broader spectrum of movement while calling for greater amounts of stabilization. For some this may be a new experience , but trust us this will only make you stronger as a result. The broader range of motion will also go beyond the usual limitations things such as machines put you through so you will be able to amass a more holistic level of strength. Now while many may still be worried about meeting the same overload demands that weights may be able to achieve, the key is to work explosively- allowing you to achieve the same level of work.


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