Replace Your SHOULDER Day At The Gym With This HOME WORKOUT

Look we get it, it’s already been a while since you’ve been stuck in your own home. It’s probably been weeks since you’ve seen a gym at all, and it probably feels like ages since you’ve gotten a pump to be proud of ESPECIALLY for your shoulders. We hear you loud and clear so what if we told you there was a way to replace a shoulder day at the gym with a home workout. Follow along with Chris Heria as he shows you how to achieve just that. Eliminate the need for weights, allowing you to not only do this workout indoors, but for anywhere you can go once this all blows over. 

Worry no more about possibly atrophying to the point of losing all of your shoulder progress! This workout is designed to hit every area of your shoulder, spanning from your posterior, lateral, and anterior deltoids. In targeting every area you not only improve your strength, but also prevent possible injury, improve posture, and correct muscle imbalance that may occur. If some of these exercises are too hard, do not worry as we teach you how to do both the full movement and an easier progression. This allows you to still execute the same type of movement so you can eventually work your way up to the real deal.


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