10 Min Full Body Home Workout

 Now after the past few videos if you’re still worried about other body parts you have yet to hit then worry no more! Today’s video brings to you a workout tailored to hit practically every muscle group in your body within your own home. Join Chris Heria as he goes through this 10 Min Full Body Home Workout- one that can be done practically anywhere with exercises that don't need any equipment. To follow along the workout to a tee, open up your Thenx App and if not, download it now available for both Apple and Android [ IPHONE: https://goo.gl/Qk235s | ANDROID: https://goo.gl/kcRBpL ]. 

As you can see, today’s workout is done with a Heria Weight vest as well, so if you’re itching to get one then go to https://chrisheria.com/.However, added weight isn’t absolutely necessary for this workout, only if you want to take your training to the next level. Today’s workout takes advantage of compound exercises, aiming to make use of a vast spread of muscle groups at a time. Although these movements DO have a main targeted area, so this workout is structured to touch on a specific area twice before moving on. While the workout is structured through High Intensity Interval Training style- that is 45 seconds on, 15 seconds rest- it is crucial to focus mostly on executing each movements as perfectly as possible. Then and ONLY then can you get the best out of this workout.


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