Quick & Effective 7Min AB Plank Workout At Home

Jose Lardizabal

It CANNOT be stressed enough how important it is to work out your core. Weekly, you should be hitting this imperative part of your body as it carries over/is incorporated into practically any other workout. While you may be thinking you can afford to let some exercises slide, your core is one of those things better done. Join Arica Sky as she shows you a Quick & Effective 7 Min Ab Plank Workout at Home. Here, you can challenge your abdominal area with 7 different plank variations to ensure you hit EVERY part of your abs. Download the Thenx App now if you haven’t already- available for Apple and Android [IPHONE: https://goo.gl/Qk235s | ANDROID: https://goo.gl/kcRBpL ] to follow along!

For this workout, each exercise is done with the goal to maintain proper form in the time allotted, making it an accessible workout for beginners and seasoned veterans alike. Don’t get us wrong though, your endurance WILL be tested, and if you cannot do so many repetitions in the time given that’s ok too. It is more important to maintain form and take your time as opposed to rushing the exercise. These workouts are also low impact, speaking more to the accessible nature of this routine. All of these things together are building blocks to help put in place the proper foundation for your fitness lifestyle.


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