Effective Home Chest Workout (CHAIRS ONLY)

Jose Lardizabal

We get it, ever since gyms have closed you probably haven’t felt that good of a chest pump in a while. While proper pushups and some of their variations can definitely achieve progressive overload, perhaps you want more of a challenge or want to spice things up. Join Chris Heria as he shows you an Effective Home Chest Workout to achieve REAL results- simply requiring a pair of chairs. Follow along with the Thenx App, found in the App Store [ https://goo.gl/Qk235s ] or Google Play Store [ https://goo.gl/kcRBpL ] to make the most out of your chest day at home!

Today’s workout aims to hit all three parts of the chest- from your top, middle to lower chest- in order to achieve a well rounded chest workout. If you’re finding some of these movements to be too challenging then do not fear for alternatives will be given to help engage the same muscle, inevitably leading you to develop the strength necessary for the real deal. What’s important is to challenge yourself enough to achieve progressive overload, eventually allowing you to build up to the desired full movements found in this workout. 


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