First Step To Achieve The Full Planche For Beginners

If you’ve been exposed to the calisthenics game long enough you’ve probably already built up an extensive list of exercises you’ve been working towards. For the more fortunate, you must already be capable of executing complicated movements, inspiring awe from others. For the less fortunate however, there is nothing to fear- everybody starts somewhere so why not with today’s video! Instead of focussing on what you can’t do, it is important to focus simply on what you CAN do, and how it can lead to what you WANT to do. Now if you’ve been aiming to learn how to Full Planche but don’t know how to proceed then you’re in luck! Follow Osvaldo Lugones as he teaches you the first step to achieve the Full Planche for beginners. Learn what exercises are necessary to help build the strength and skills necessary to progress to the goals you wish to achieve.

Today’s video is focussed around first learning how to be able to do the tucked planche- the initial and necessary step towards later doing the FULL planche. While we may call it the first step, do not be fooled as this skill already requires an extensive amount of strength and coordination from numerous muscle groups to achieve the desired parallel position from the ground. Besides your arms and front delts keeping you upright, you also require considerable hip flexor and lower back strength to remain rigid all throughout. Today’s video is designed starting with the tucked planche, then going from the hardest progressions to the easiest, so just find the progression you can still do with perfect form then start from there!

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