Quick And Effective Back Workout | Pull-Ups Only

Jose Lardizabal

Working out at home, you’ve probably hit a wall when it comes to working out your back muscles. No, not literally, figuratively speaking it’s easy to imagine that many of you might come across a plateau when it comes to your pulling strength. Understandably so, equipment at home can be very limiting, and you can only do so many pull-ups. But what if we tell you that you simply just need to do MORE pull-ups to get out of that rut? Join Chris Heria as he does this Quick and Effective Back Workout (with Pull-Ups Only). Learn how to use your body weight alone to get an effective back workout without the need of any weights, needing only minimal equipment. 

For beginners and moderate athletes alike, getting your pull-up numbers up can be quite the undertaking.Without prerequisite strength, starting at the hard set value of your body’s weight might be too large of a step up. Those used to the weight of their body might face the other side of that coin eventually, as the set weight you hold (with drastic weight changes aside) may eventually keep you at a certain strength level if you don’t get creative. That’s where today’s video comes in. With the use of variations, pull-ups can engage your back in ways you’ve never felt before, whether it be through isolating specific parts or placing the load on only one arm. Of course, some of these movements may be dangerous to attempt right off the bat without prior training and exposure so rest assured that we have alternate exercises on lock for those who may need them. Progression or not, if you stick through this routine soon enough doing 100 pull-ups a day will be a breeze!


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