6 Pack ABS In 6 Minutes | Follow Along Routine

Jose Lardizabal

Been putting off doing your ab routine? Does it seem like what you’re doing isn’t making any progress? Well if you’ve got six minutes then you can switch it up and give today’s video a shot. This time there’s no excuses as we can guarantee that you’ve got a few times of the day where you’ve got a solid six minutes to squeeze in a quick session. Join Chris Heria as he shows you a 6 Pack ABS In 6 Minutes follow-along routine. This fat burning and high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout is designed to get you shredded in the most efficient way.

While we all know that diet and a sufficient workout are two highly necessary things to achieve a good six pack, one of the most important ingredients that is often not said is consistency. With a good workout routine you will definitely get far, but any good routine is less effective if it’s not done the right amount of times. This routine is designed to have the chance to be tacked on in the beginning or end of any workout, or can even be the mainstay if done in multiple rounds. With different movements incorporated you are sure to get a good amount of engagement, but the most important aspect of this workout is its brevity. With an efficiently packed routine that can fit in any part of your day, you will definitely eventually see the compound effect to achieve the six pack you’ve always wanted. 


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