Pull Up Challenge | Can You Beat It?

Jose Lardizabal

There once came a time when doing even one pull-up was impossible right? You may be even there right now as a matter of fact. No matter the point of your fitness journey, chances are you’ve hit a stagnation point to your pull-ups and you must think you’re at the end of your rope. What used to work might be losing its edge so it helps to have a means to test your true capacity. That’s where challenges can come in to spice things up. With an organized gauntlet of exercises, you can truly test yourself to see where you stand. Join Chris Heria as he shows you a Pull Up Challenge arranged from easiest to hardest level, with minimal rest. Follow along every step of the way to see if YOU have what it takes to beat it. 

They say that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results, so it is important to see how much you’re capable of from time to time to put yourself through adequate training. Sometimes all it takes is setting a challenge for yourself, which will help you do a full audit of your capabilities. Especially with a bodyweight exercise such as the pull-up, it is easy to stagnate due to the lack of a true sense of progression besides the number that you can do at a time. Here, we plan on walking you through modifications in technique to test your limits. While there may be a chance you won’t be able to finish everything you may just surprise yourself.


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