How To Front Lever 5 Easy Steps

Struggling to achieve a front lever? Join Stefan Heria and Osvaldo Lugones as they show you the 5 easy steps necessary to achieve it. However, first you must be able to achieve these four prerequisites in order to begin:

  • A 20 second L-sit hold,
  • 20 reps of high knee raises,
  • 10 L-sit pullups,
  • 10 upside down deadlifts,

Once you’ve achieved these then can today’s lesson begin. Follow this workout straight from the updated Thenx App, to help you learn these necessary progressions for your front lever. With the aforementioned foundation achieved will you have the strength necessary to further train your lats, lower back, core, and rear delts to pull off such an advanced calisthenics and gymnastics hold.

Again, the name of the game is control, so observe as Stefan and Osvaldo demonstrate the steps necessary to help achieve your front lever while avoiding common pitfalls people tend to fall for. Don’t sacrifice your form as you would only hurt your success, and focus only to the extent you can currently achieve. The point of these progressions is to help you move forward to eventually achieve your goal!

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