10 Most Effective Pull-up Variations

Jose Lardizabal

The Pull-Up

THE quintessential exercise involving your back and biceps. If you think doing them vanilla is getting you nowhere, today's video is here to help you take this motion to the next level. Join Chris Heria as he shows you the TEN most essential pull-up variations. In spicing up your regiment by changing up your styles/grips/variations helps hit your back and bis in different ways. These ten workouts are specifically curated to help you work these two areas in varying ways, helping you improve your strength, capabilities, AND muscle development. 

Within today’s video is a vast array of exercises ranging in difficulty, so there’s something for someone of any level. Depending on where you are, what is offered can help you progress further and further as the increased difficulty of some of these exercises can be goals to be achieved. If you too would like to add on to your routine, enhance your workout even further by purchasing a Heria Weight Vest, found on: https://chrisheria.com/collections/equipment

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