Can You Beat My Time? Thenx Challenge

What does it mean to have endurance?

In the world of fitness, it can mean many things. Often people imagine cardiovascular endurance, which refers to how efficiently your heart, lungs and blood vessels deliver oxygen throughout your body- which equates to how long your heart can last in a physical activity before you get out of breath. However, what we are focusing on today is another form of entirely: muscular endurance. This form is the ability of a muscle to exert force repeatedly against resistance, before it gives out. The more endurance you have, the longer you can last before fatigue sets in. 

Watch Zay Tigg’s crafted push routine which is designed to help increase muscle endurance. Joining him is his dear friend Paz who will be subject to the same high repetition- short rest routine to help them exceed their limits. Today’s routine is done timed in to hold as a reference and goal for when you ultimately revisit it later. While keeping/beating time is important, it is also important to remember not to sacrifice form, so the main objective is to do this routine as cleanly and efficiently as possible!

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