How To Do More Push Ups (Do It Right)

In the span of your workout career, it would be ludicrous to think that you would have never done a single push-up. In fact it’s probably the contrary, as the push-up is one of the most basic, common, and fundamental exercises that it’s often the first thing you learn to do. However, what if we told you that all your life you may not have been doing it properly this whole time? With the help of today’s video though, you won’t have to worry.

Class is in session, so get ready to learn. Watch as Chris Heria demonstrates the perfect push up, as well as give FIVE major tips to get you to doing more push-ups in perfect form. Guaranteed, not all of these things come to mind when you do your usual push-ups so incorporate these elements to help further improve your workouts. When you’ve studied up, move on the Thenx app to do Chris Heria’s structured routine, specifically tailored to help increase your push-up max beyond compare! If you’ve grown beyond belief and regular push-ups don’t seem to give you the same rush then elevate your workout by throwing in weighted push-ups in the mix. There’s no better way than with the Heria Weight Vest found on

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