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Jose Lardizabal
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Join Chris Heria as he shows you today what to do after EVERY workout. This single tip can greatly affect you by helping MAXIMIZE your gains, INCREASE your muscle definition, and build MORE strength. To do so however requires your muscles to already be fatigued, so follow along with today’s workout or do one of the countless others using the Thenx App! Today’s workout was selected primarily for its explosiveness, calling for a greater amount of strength and effort to go into each rep to help reach that end goal of muscle fatigue. If any of these exercises are not up to your speed, there are still countless other levels of progressions leading up to this level that will still allow for you to properly push yourself. 

If it is the opposite case for you however, elevate your workout using the Heria Weight Vest found on Once fatigue is achieved the tip we have for you is to attempt one last rep, one that emphasizes the muscle group that you just hit. The goal here is to draw out that rep for as long as possible, doing it as slowly as ONE MINUTE long. This will not only cause more muscle fibers to be torn in the muscle group you have been working, but also bring great stress to your stabilizers as you aim to achieve your minute-long rep. Taking away the momentum and placing yourself where you’re already greatly fatigued will help you achieve an even GREATER level of strength!

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