Leg Workout to Build Muscle From Home

Jose Lardizabal

When you do bicep curls more often than not you throw single arm curl variants in the mix. Why? We all know –at the very least on a fundamental level- this helps promote focused but in-depth growth on each arm, as the load is only experienced by the single arm in play. With that in mind, why not apply the same logic to your legs? Join Arica Sky as she shows you a Leg Workout to Build Muscle From Home. Watch as she demonstrates how implementing unilateral exercises can lead to better muscle development.

In doing regular exercises, while you may often feel even one side may be taking on slightly more weight. By training one limb at a time you give your body the chance for a chance for more all around growth as you also have to use more stabilizers for balance and control. Doing each movement slowly and in a controlled manner can promote stabilizer growth. If you want to add even more weight to each leg workout, grab the new Heria Weight Vest on https://chrisheria.com. The beauty of the vest is that you can vary the amount of weight put on. As long as you use enough weight to challenge yourself while still maintaining proper form you’re good to go!


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