8 min Lower Body Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Jose Lardizabal

Quads, hamstrings, hip flexors, calves and glutes.

These muscles constitute your lower body. People tend to focus more on their upper body mainly due to aesthetic purposes. However, many tend to sleep on arguably one of the more important regions of the body- the legs. Consisting of more than half the muscles in your body, working out your legs only proves to serve you great benefits. On top of that, practically everyone uses their legs in their day to day lives in a multitude of ways, so why not aim to improve such a crucial part of the body? 

Follow along Casi Davis as she shows you an 8 min Lower Body Workout You Can Do Anywhere. This workout- although suited to challenge you- doesn’t require a high fitness level, which means it’s perfect for beginners. Due to the nature of the workout, no equipment is necessary so there isn’t any excuse to skip legs. Now if today’s workout is even way too easy for more advanced Thenx Athletes, then what better way to challenge yourself than by adding weight with the Heria Weight Vest. If you don’t have one already simply go to https://shop.thenx.com/collections/equipment to get one of your own!

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