Do You NEED to Train ABS to get a 6 Pack?

Arguably one of the most coveted goals for anyone who lives the workout life, the 6 pack is something not all are capable of achieving. Don’t lie- if you have yet to have one the thought HAS crossed your mind right? In the fitness community, there are those adamant in the stance that training your abs directly isn’t entirely necessary as they are involved in a multitude of movements. While it is true that for your abs to show, a low enough body fat percentage is necessary, but those in that same group may argue that that is all that is required- omitting any focussed work. Workouts such as the squat or deadlift involve your core to some extent, but truly strong and aesthetic abdominals require you to put work INTO them. 

Watch as Chris Heria tells you the truth about getting strong and defined abs. Powerful and sculpted six pack abs require the proper attention they deserve, so follow along as he shows you his tried and true regiment to achieve the same results. If you don’t have it already, download the Thenx App to view and do this very workout along with countless others available in both Apple and Android App stores: [ IPHONE: | ANDROID: ]. TEN workouts, all aiming to engage different but essential areas of the abdominals. The objective is to try not to stop during any of the exercises- completing them as best you can. However, it is imperative that you also do not sacrifice your form for the sake of completion so take it slowly to be able to do them as perfectly as possible.


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