8 Min Home Leg Workout | No Jumping

Jose Lardizabal

We have been perpetuating the stereotype time and time again that doing legs is “terrible” or “always a challenge to get through”, but no further. Leg workouts don’t HAVE to be a slog to get through, and believe it or not, leg day can be something to look forward to. Especially if you keep it simple and short, your workout will not reach a satisfying level but possibly leave you looking forward to the next time. Follow along with Chris Heria for an 8 Min Home Leg Workout- with no jumping necessary.

Most viewers have a living space that may leave you limited in your options for physical activity. Long time viewers know that an easy add-on to leg routines are jumping-based exercises, but those who have neighbors below might want to reduce the amount of noise you may produce. Others may simply be physically unable to place that much stress on their joints, so either way this low impact 

workout is perfect for you.


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