5 Moves That Helped Me Master Full Planche From Watching Chris Heria


From the outset, the full planche seems like one of those movements that the human body simply isn’t designed to do. Obviously, from seeing plenty of those who do calisthenics such as Chris Heria, there are those capable of doing a full planche as if they’ve been doing it since they were born. What if we told you all it takes is commitment and the right routine, and you too can achieve such a mighty feat? Kyle Vo is here to show you just that. Watch as he shows you 5 Moves That Helped him Master the Full Planche, all from Watching Chris Heria.

Time and time again, Thenx has shown that it is possible to eventually achieve such a complex movement as the full planche. All that is required is knowing the basic movements necessary to lay the necessary foundation. Kyle is here to show what he learned from videos such as HOW TO FULL PLANCHE (step by step) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtsrFeWjx3g&ab_channel=THENX). Watch as he describes the journey he took to achieve the full planche himself, and what 5 moves especially helped him get there. 


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