7 Exercises For HUGE Shoulders

This week's vlog will showcase 7 different exercises you can complete to achieve HUGE and strong shoulders. Why shoulders? Well, your shoulder compartment is the largest muscular compartment of your upper body and displays the widest range of motion in comparison to all of the joints within the rest of your body.

Proper development of your shoulders will allow for a greater breadth of skills you can achieve as well as increased agility. Shoulder strength translates into pushing and pulling strength. Therefore, this will maximize the productivity of your arm workouts and enhance the performance and efficiency of your chest, triceps, back, and bicep exercises.

Also, because this muscle group is so significant, by developing gains in this area, your aesthetic will be dramatically enhanced as well. Talk about a v taper! Now, let's get started on getting those gains. This routine can be completed right at home to facilitate ease of access and can be easily accessed on the Heria Pro app!




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