5 Min Home Workout ANYONE Can Do!

As the holiday season approaches, time is truly of the essence, and it can be difficult to juggle work, school, family, and friends during the end of the year. This overwhelming feeing often leads to neglecting our own health while putting our well being on the back burner. However, this year Chris Heria and his team want to promote better health outcomes for you by providing a time efficient workout that you can complete in the ease of your own home in only 5 minutes!

These 5 minutes will be absent of any breaks to promote a state of hypertrophy and consequently, larger gains. Time under tension will be increased with this 5 minute, focused strategy and will lead to faster results. Further, on days where you're up for a challenge or have a little extra time to spare, you can even do multiple rounds of this 5 minute workout for bigger, stronger muscles. Make sure to follow along on the Thenx app for ease of access!



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