Miami Beach Pull Up Jam with CHRIS HERIA

If you’ve been working out for a while, you know there’s nothing like working out with a bunch of people that have your back. The strength your community gives comes not only from the people who spot you in times of need, but also from the internal drive that pushes you in competing with your peers. The MIami Beach Pull Up jam brings all that and more! Join Chris Heria as he hosts the annual Pull-Up Jam on Miami Beach. Watch as many come to see who’s top dog, as contestants from all over arrive to compete in many categories.

Thanks to the City of Miami Beach, this year’s Pull Up Jam is the first official with the city’s cooperation. Watch to see who wins this year’s categories of Weighted Vest Pull-Ups, Muscle Ups, Freestyle, and Handstand Hold. Thanks to all who participated this year and congratulations to all of our winners- If you sadly missed out on this year’s competition, be sure to follow us on all social media to know about any future events!


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