20 Best Exercises You Can Do With A Resistance Band

Look, we get it, calisthenics definitely hits differently. Even with the countless bodyweight exercises at your disposal you might want to switch up every now and then. Now what if we told you all it takes is one simple item to broaden your horizons even more, unlocking way more levels for you both higher and lower? If you already read the title, then you already guessed that one simple item is a resistance band, capable of adding or taking away weight to a plethora of movements. Now that you know what you need, here’s how you can implement one to take your workouts even further! Join Chris Heria as he shows you the 20 BEST Exercises You Can Do With a Resistance Band. Learn these exercises and their variations to help you hit every muscle necessary to get into the best shape of your life!

As we’ve already covered in our video “You Only Need This To Build Muscle” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXPLkz0cVoI&ab_channel=THENX) resistance bands are a great way to add difficulty to your workout by adding more resistance than you would regularly. On top of that, their load curve is different from normal weights in that the further the extension the greater the resistance that they provide- making some specific exercises experience the highest loads during their most challenging part. Conversely, resistance bands can also be used to provide assistance, subtracting from your bodyweight’s total load on harder movements or during times a drop set is desired. All of this is made available by such a tiny piece of equipment, so why wait any longer and get a pair -shop now at  THENX.com (https://thenx.com/shop)- and get started!


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