Push-Up Challenge | Can You Beat It?

As we’ve already stated before, there’s nothing as ubiquitous for push exercises as the push-up. Without a doubt the push-up is one of the most well known movements involving the use of the chest, triceps, and some deltoid. So much so that within its very name is the basis to said movement. Sure, there are other exercises such as the bench press that often take the scene being the question of the hour to gauge one’s strength and capabilities, but in the world of calisthenics the push-up maintains its seat at the table. The question you may be asking now however is how can you possibly challenge yourself with your bodyweight the same way maxing out on bench wood, so look no further! Join Chris Heria as he does a Push-Up challenge, increasing in difficulty from easiest to hardest. Follow along to test your body to its utmost limits and see if you can follow along!

The key to push-ups, being a bodyweight exercise, lies primarily  in the technique. The primary objective of this workout is to have you execute each movement slow and controlled, performing the reps as perfect as possible. So if you simply rush through the movement going up and down it doesn’t count- what matters is getting that quality contraction. Now of course it isn’t a challenge to simply do plain old push-ups, so this routine will put you to the test, incorporating variations to the classic movement to provide a progressive overload. The increase in difficulty along with the sheer quantity this routine puts you through will definitely leave your chest blasted, so if you’re ready, open up your THENX App [App Store: https://goo.gl/Qk235s | Play Store: https://goo.gl/kcRBpL ] to follow along and let’s get started! 


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