20 Best Exercises You Can Do From Home | No Weights

If you’ve been convinced by last week’s video and wanted to start calisthenics, welcome! Today’s video is the perfect starting point to not only provide a bank of exercises to be able to do, but also provide a set of advanced forms to give you an idea of a logical progression of ability. Now if you’ve been into calisthenics for a while now, today’s video still serves as the perfect jumping point to expand your working knowledge of exercises available to you! Join Chris Heria as he shows you the 20 Best Exercises You Can Do From Home (No need for Weights). Learn 20 body weight exercises and progressions that anyone can do, even beginners, and hit every muscle in your body to start getting SUPER STRONG today! 

To account for not using equipment that is designed to follow a specific movement pattern, exercises included span from isolation and compound movements to achieve both the best muscle engagement AND the most bang for your buck in terms of calories burned and strength developed. All of these exercises were hand selected with that objective in mind, all while aiming for them to be doable no matter where you are. SO even in the comfort of your own home you’re capable of executing these movements, so long as you can slightly tweak some of your space for some. Now some of these exercises are also shown with various levels of difficulty, so not only can it be more accessible to those of any fitness level, but also allow for practically all of you to have room to improve. So if you’re ready to begin, pull open your Thenx App and let’s get started! 


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