Replace Treadmill With This 10 Min HIIT/CARDIO Workout

Jose Lardizabal

Look we get it, sometimes getting your cardio in your week may be an uphill battle. Especially in these times of limiting contact with people going out for a simple run may require a bit of preparation- especially if you don’t want to wear something that limits your breathing capability. Your first thought may be “well, what about using something like the treadmill at home?” Some may not trust the age old contraption that somehow converted to a clothes rack tucked away in some corner of the house, others might not even have the luxury of owning one, and there are definitely those who are getting tired of using one altogether. Well what if we tell you you can still get some quality cardio session in, all in the comfort of your own home? Join Chris Heria as he shows you How to Replace your Treadmill with this 10 Min HIIT/ Cardio Workout. 

Beyond simply being able to switch things up, doing cardio via HIIT poses numerous benefits over vanilla cardio we’ve all done before. Training that way is cost effective, not only with your wallet but with your time as well. Training in bursts of intensity with rest breaks packed in can yield more calories burned in the same window of time in one brief treadmill session, all without the cost. There are a multitude of exercises that can be done- not only limited to your legs, giving you the ability to possibly build more muscle than you ought to as well. On top of all of that, while going for a jog or run can seem daunting- especially for beginners- HIIT sessions welcome those of any fitness level. Exercises are done to the utmost intensity you can manage, allowing you to slow down if need be until you can manage to squeeze more into the allotted time!


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