DO THIS For A BIGGER BACK | Minimum Equipment Needed


We’ve covered abs, we’ve covered chest, now I bet you’re wondering- what about back? If your goal is to get a V-Taper physique, you should know that working out your back is an integral part to achieving such a goal. One cannot simply achieve the broad top to narrow waist physique without adequate size in your lats. To do this however, you need to apply an adequate enough load on your lats to get them in proper shape. Now what if we told you you already have that on you? Join Chris Heria as he does THIS Workout For A BIGGER BACK. Learn how to use your body to get an effective back workout without the need for weights, using minimal equipment!


Working with one’s bodyweight has a multitude of benefits, more especially with working out back. Besides convenience, bodyweight exercises can theoretically achieve higher volume due to having a set weight and inherent nature to work with higher rep counts to achieve adequate fatigue. While pull-ups can have a high barrier of entry they are worth the investment as they can incorporate more muscles, helping achieve the bigger back desired. Today’s workout also involves the use of dropsets to help put in more volume past fatigue to help achieve the results that you want sooner.


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