How To Look More Muscular Fast For Summer From Home

Jose Lardizabal


Despite spending more time at home there’s still probably the same persisting question on everyone’s minds for this time of the year: will I attain the summer body that I want? With summer right around the corner and probably one too many snacks in your belly most of you are probably frantically trying to think up ways to get that good look you’ve always wanted to have- just as you do every year. Perhaps you might be on the flipside of this coin, having already accepted that you won’t be out and about and have succumbed to not maintaining your training due to lack of a gym. Either way, do not despair! Follow along with Chris Heria as he shows you how to look MORE muscular FAST for summer, all from home. Learn how to train through a combination of calisthenics and dumbbells to achieve visible results from this workout. 

To achieve a more muscular look, you can do two things: build more or achieve better definition. If you already didn’t know, the rate at which you can build muscle is correlated to your level of training. If you’re starting now, you can take advantage of “beginner gains” and meet a sort of boom in your muscle gain. Those who have been in the game long enough have probably already come across the fact that the rate they can gain muscle is far slower. Achieving more muscle definition on the other hand hinges on how you treat your body, all seen through how you approach your diet, training, AND rest. Maintaining a caloric deficit while ensuring proper muscle fiber tear isn’t going to mean anything if you don’t allow your body to properly rest and recover as well. That being said, today’s workout aims to assist you in the training portion of this trifecta, aiming to help build your muscles. By means of compound exercises, follow along for this full body routine to help engage MORE muscle groups more frequently.


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