Home Workout For Beginners | Dumbbells Only

Jose Lardizabal

The dumbbell is probably one of the most ubiquitous pieces of exercise equipment around. In practically any home most people have got a pair laying around for use from time to time. In the past year finding such items may have been hard to come by as more and more people opted to work out at home so it’s on us to honor our less fortunate comrades to put them to good use. Join Chris Heria as he shows you a super effective Home Workout For Beginners With Dumbbells Only. This workout will help you build muscle and sculpt your entire physique, all with exercises that anybody can do! 

The beauty with dumbbell workouts is that they are easy to scale based on your skill level as all it takes is a heavier dumbbell for any of you more advanced folk. If our mentioning of beginners in our title gave you pause, fret not and simply grab a weight more agreeable with you and join along! Now if all you have are those 20s you’ve had laying in the corner of your living room for years now, you can also up the intensity in which you do each exercise to give you a more progressive-type overload. Instead of doing each exercise simply for rep count, what matters more for this workout is doing them for time. That way you can focus more on how many perfect reps you can get in, and the scaling is also worked in for the more advanced as you can try to fit in more reps in the allotted time. If the time given is still too easy of course you can lengthen your working time and further shorten your resting time, all to get you to achieve the best workout for you! 


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