Do This Plank Routine Every Morning


Chris has a workout that you are going to want to incorporate into your daily morning calisthenics routine: Planks. Eight minutes of your time with eight plank variations: 45 seconds hold with a fifteen second break for each plank. But before getting into the exercise, let’s explore the remarkable benefits of including a plank routine.

Planks activate your core muscles more effectively than many other ab exercises. They engage the rectus abdominis (the deep muscles responsible for that coveted six-pack) and strengthen the transverse abdominis (essential for spinal stability). By practicing planks daily, you’ll build a solid core foundation.

Daily planking helps support your spine by strengthening the core muscles. It also prevents tight hip flexors and contributes to better balance. An engaged core encourages you to stand taller and maintain good posture throughout the day.

Planks improve your overall fitness by enhancing body awareness. Your body operates as a kinetic chain, where the movement of one joint affects the movement of another joint. With a stronger core, you’ll move more efficiently and use the right muscles during various activities.

The discipline of daily planking can positively impact your mental well-being. It provides a sense of accomplishment and focus, contributing to a healthier mindset. Planks are free and require only a few minutes of your time. You can perform them anywhere without any special equipment or a gym membership.

Consistency is key! To get the maximum benefit for each exercise remember to properly engage your core: contract all the muscles in your body as one unit, stay solid and in perfect form and make sure that your hips are not drooping too low or too high. If you become fatigued at any point in time, take a second to catch your breath and then try to keep going. If it ever does become too difficult, or you are a novice, you can always follow along doing the same plank variations with your arm on an elevated surface. Now let's get started!





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