Super Effective Back Workout | Dumbbells Only

Jose Lardizabal


Let’s say that you hit the jackpot in these trying times and now you don’t know how to get the most out of them. It could be that or you’ve had a pair or two sitting there in the garage but you just don’t know how to best incorporate their use into your routine. Either way, you’re in luck as today’s video aims to do just that! Join Chris Heria as he shows you a Super Effective Back Workout. Learn how to use a combination of simply dumbbells and your bodyweight to get an effective workout for a bigger and stronger back, all from home!

While pull-ups and their variations can prove to be immensely beneficial, not everyone has access to a proper bar to be able to do them. There are also those who simply can’t do a pull-up yet, so those looking to develop back strength to eventually do can also benefit from this routine. This workout is primarily for those who are aiming to implement more back related exercises with the dumbbells they have at home. Now if you simply have a suboptimal pair that’s perfectly fine, as you can aim to increase the amount of perfectly controlled reps you do in lieu of sheer lifting weight. All that matters is working at your own pace to properly challenge yourself. Now if you’re looking to expand the equipment that you DO have well you’re also in luck as very soon on [ ]you will have the opportunity to snag your own dumbbells or free weights! Be sure to follow our social media to possibly receive updates for when these drop!


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