Do THIS To Make Your 6 Pack POP OUT

Jose Lardizabal

It’s already been a couple days into the new year so hopefully everyone’s been keeping up their fitness resolutions. For the ambitious who are finally taking a crack at getting 6 pack abs, the most crucial aspect of that goal of course is maintaining a sufficient diet to have a low enough fat percentage. If you’ve got that down pat, the only way to make them peak out more is by extensive working of the abdominal area- which is where this video comes in. Now if you’ve been doing our ab workouts or any others you might be doing well already, but follow this video to get a real competitive edge. Follow along with Chris Heria as he Does THIS Ab Workout To Make Your Six Pack POP OUT. Watch to learn how to take your ab workouts to the NEXT LEVEL. 

As commonly said, abs are made in the kitchen, but to make them really draw attention they have to be put under sufficient work. While upping rep count can give you great results, another avenue to explore is increasing the weight/load you have to gain even more strength. adding on weight opens up the option for MORE progressive overload, thus leading you to MORE gains. All that is needed is an item that will be your weight- preferably a dumbbell but any weighted item can do nicely. Now if you’re ready to begin, pull up your Thenx App now, and find this video in the YouTube workout section to follow along! 

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