DO THIS Routine EVERY NIGHT | Cool Down + Strength Building

Now as the old adage goes, “Consistency is Key.” It doesn’t really matter where you start, so long as you keep at it you can end up surprising yourself. For many, training times can vary throughout the time of day but one consistent part for most is how the nights tend to be for winding down. While it may be a hard sell for some to do some additional work in the nighttime, we GUARANTEE some results if you simply add on a little more work. Join Chris Heria as he shows you how to Do THIS Routine EVERY Night. Make consistent moves toward considerable gains, no matter what strength level. 

Again, some may like to work out at night, but this routine is designed entirely to be done at the end of the day after you have already done your main workout. With an additional workout that doesn’t bring you to total exhaustion, you won’t be overworking your system while also exposing your body to further stimulus. More often than not you finish a workout undershooting the overall load you need to undergo, so this workout is designed to expose you to that additional push you need to make some considerable strength gains. In exposing yourself to these fundamental movements, you will eventually expand how much you’re capable of doing and perhaps also lay down the groundwork for the more intense exercises. So if you’re ready to begin, all you will need is your bodyweight and the Thenx App (available for IPHONE: and ANDROID: ) and you’re ready to follow along! 


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