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Stretching is just one of those things that people don’t really have to do, usually tacked on at the beginning or end of workouts only if you’re one of those who NEED it right? Wrong! Stretching is an all around beneficial thing to add to your fitness regiment, as when it’s done right you only prove to gain plenty. If you’re one of those people who think stretching is a waste of time yet you find yourself sore for a while or experiencing pains here or there then this one is especially for you. Join Chris Heria to Do This Stretch Routine Everyday. Doing so will greatly help not only your flexibility, but also your performance. 

As we touched on, there may be some of you who have tried to stretch and only felt it take away from your overall workout strength. Maybe you’re just not used to doing the right stretch at the right time. We’ve all done it, we’ve all seen those holding a few static stretches before going on a jog so the same stretches must be done before doing a leg day routine right? This is one of the common pitfalls when it comes to stretching as static holds are more beneficial to do at the end of workouts, while more dynamic stretches help you out when done at the start. This static routine is best done at the end of your workout or on a rest day, all to help improve your range of motion AND help with muscle recovery.


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