Do This 6 min Warm Up EVERYDAY

Way back, you probably thought warmups were simply a waste of time. Bet you wish you did them sooner, as if they’re done properly you only seek to gain a number of benefits. If you’re only starting to see the light now, it’s definitely not too late. If you’re just trying to figure out what to do for a warm up or you’ve run out of ideas, then don’t sweat (or at least not yet). Join Chris Heria while he shows you a 6 Min Warm Up to do EVERYDAY. Learn how to efficiently spend your time to help set you up to be ready for practically any workout session. 

When done properly, a warmup would help you transition perfectly into the workout you have planned. Outside of workout specific warmups, today’s video aims to give you a good spread to help you limber up for almost any routine. In setting up this routine to be done for time, instead of going through the motions, you can set yourself up to do each exercise to the best of your ability. That way, you can definitely stretch your muscles adequately to prevent injury, while also helping you rev yourself up- getting your blood flowing and raising your body’s temperature. 


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