7 Min Arms Workout For All Levels | Follow Along

Allison Chin



This week on Thenx, two elite members of the Thenx athlete team take over and show us how it's done. @ZayTiggs and @Osvaldo_Lugones demonstrate a curated arm workout that takes less than 10 minutes to complete. It's challenging, efficient, and efficacious and targets multiple muscle compartments within your upper body. This includes your biceps, triceps, forearms, and deltoids. This thorough routine is quick and effective and can even be executed with a workout buddy for optimum results that will keep your spirits high. 

After completing this workout, you will not only increase your arms' muscle mass and strength but you will also facilitate your progression toward more advanced exercises, such as the handstand push-up. Not gonna lie, this workout is quite the challenge, but we will demonstrate both advanced and beginner variants so that you have the power to decide which is more appropriate for your training level. Now, make sure to follow along for ease of access on the Heria Pro app, and let's get started!





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