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This week Chris Heria reviews one of his tried and true workout exercises: The Push-Up, specifically 100 push-ups. This basic exercise has proven its value time and time again. It has contributed to not only Chris' physique and aesthetic but also his strength and performance. It is short, sweet, and simple, and will only take you approximately 10 minutes to complete.

The foundation of the efficiency of this workout lies in the the incorporation of self-driven discipline. By honing in on this aspect of your aptitude and immersing yourself in compounded consistency, you will strengthen your mind and spirit. This determination can then be applied to every day life and facilitate resilience throughout your day. By maintaining a focused, yet open-minded perspective, you will be able to not only see but also achieve success in all that you set out to accomplish. 

Now get ready to follow this video workout and start incorporating 100 push-ups into your daily routine, so that you too can strengthen and improve your technique, musculature, and mind-set. Hop on the Heria Pro App now to stay on track and easily follow along every day! 




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